Power Chimney

There is a lot of to say about this activity, patented 2003 along with three other patents for complementary activities It is based on the “VENTURI” method with some adaptions to transform a chimney into a wind energy system.                                                                                         The system is based on the difference of gradients between ground level and the top of the chimney. Pressure at the end of the chimney is lower than pressure at ground level. So the atmosphere of the ground pushes up to the chimney, then falls to the ground. The heat captured by the cage built around the chimney helps pushing the atmosphere to the top. At the low ends, to the grounds, there are some generators using wind turbines, and the system works.                                                                                                                                                                                                     In 1998 a prototype was built in Mezzanine (Spain); in 2011 in Mongolia (although our Italian Patent is valid) was built a system still working nowadays. In 2004, New York, BankAmerica built a chimney (6,400 KW/hour) inside its own head quarter, a 305 meters skyscraper.

The patent was developed by Dott. Angelo Comandù and Eng. Giovanni Battista Bonomi

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