C.M.V. Controlled Mechanic Ventilation

When we say CMV (Controlled Mechanic Ventilation) we think to air exchange in a room. This is not completely true.

Although we are speaking about air exchange in a room (or more) such as an apartment, an office, etc.   it’s better to explain what is CMV.

CMV is a system to exchange air from inside a room where air may be worse than outside due to smoke, kitchen smells, etc. and can be cause of mold. Usually it requires to open the windows. On the other side, in winter, this is a loss of temperature as well as in summer we waste the effort of the air conditioner.

So how can we fix it?

CMV System allows air exchange while saving energy. The system exchanges air 24h/day without the need of opening the windows, it loads fresh air, pre-warm it (or pre-refresh it, depending on the season) thanks to heat exchangers, achieving the savings.

Such systems increase the energetic level of the house, allow a benefit of 65% of the expenses for the installation in the tax plan, do not need any more gas.

Usually we recommend also a photovoltaic supporting system to produce the energy for the MCV.

Payback period is estimated in 5 years.