Civil Electrical System

Over the years there has been a big evolution in electrical systems building technology.  No longer than just 40 years ago power cables used to be built in the wall plaster. As a matter of fact, when the bricklayer put the plaster onto the wall, he also embedded a small cable, called “piattina” (i.e. flat). It was very small, just enough to light three-four bulbs and a few outlets, if they were not very much charged. Section of the flat cable was 1 square millimeter, which means eight amperes.

Because of many fires generated by the extra power flowing in the cable, more than it was allowed, they started using metallic pipes, internally covered by tar, and to insert unipolar isolated stiff copper cables. Fires decreased but death for electric strikes increased. Moreover, the electrician took more time to pass the cables inside the pipes, because of their stiffness.

The Italian law 46/90 5th of March 1990 introduced new rules: pipes and cables must be flexible and with different sections, depending on the power charge the customer needs including new supplies as air conditioning, electric kitchen, water boilers, etc. The law made the electric grounding be mandatory (at least for new buildings); the differential switch (also known as “salvavita”, i.e. lifesaver) was declared mandatory in both existing buildings as well new ones. The former law required only the differential switch, which does not work without grounding.

In the next years system evolved more and more: they are now safer, provide comfort, nice look and eventually support media interaction. Currently an electrical system is designed to be safe and cost saving; a home automation system allows us to manage our house and save energy. Moreover, the Italian taxation plan allows a benefit of 65% of the expenses for the installation of a home automation system.

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