Photovoltaic System

We all know what a photovoltaic system is; we see them everywhere: on the roofs, in the country, we see light poles with small panels. How does it work?

Let’s start from the panel: the choice is very important. A panel is a group of small cells made of silicon crystals (all the crystals facing the same direction), or they are made of silicon multicrystals (crystals facing everywhere) or eventually are made of amorphous silicon (an allotropic form – not crystalized – enriched with hydrogen).

The crystal silicon is preferred where there is no fog (like in the mountains or in sunny places), multicrystal better fit in the flat lands; amorphous silicon is appropriate for shady areas.

A second important component is the Inverter, to transform the Direct Current generated by the panel into Alternating Current, in phase with the master current provided by the energy company.

During the day, the current produced by the system is used and, if more than the actual need, the unused part is sold to the energy company

Cascasi Energy built many photovoltaic systems of different size and power. We are available to evaluate your needs and the savings it can give you.