Wath is Home Automation?

Home Automation is the use of computer and electronics in house management. It is very important in transforming supplies in intelligent devices. For example: an intelligent electric system can switch on and off the electric supplies to avoid overload of the system.

“Intelligent Home” means a properly designed and technically equipped environment, where the user finds new devices and systems enabled to work autonomously, either based on user individual programming or dynamically reacting on external conditions and environmental characteristic, with additional self-learning features.

At a higher level there is the so called “building automation”. An intelligent building, thanks to the new technologies, enables a coordinated and integrated computer assisted management, therefore allowing flexibility, comfort, safety and quality of life.

Home Automation does not find its best application in small homes, where it cannot be cost effective. It is better applicable in medium-large sites such as hospitals, retirement hospices, factories, offices where it can supervise night lighting, photovoltaic systems, etc.