Ligthing Energy Saving

Today all of us use LED base light, which changed worldwide the way of lighting. Yet there is an even more effective technology

This technology is called Solar Illuminotechnic Chimney. It looks like any other supply but it takes the light from outside and sends it inside home, office, hospital, building, etc. It does not use energy but it sends the solar light using mirrors.

And in the night? When there is no sun? There are two alternatives: the traditional lighting (considering that in the day we use a lot of light) or we project light from outside like if it was daylight. In this case, since an external outlet pipe can feed 3 or 4 supplies, projecting 100 W in the external outlet, we project approximately 95 W in each solar supply considering that the LED equivalent light is 100 W, the actual usage is 20 W. A real cost saving.

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