Special System

Speaking about Special Systems reminds Star Trek movie.  Nothing at all! Or, better to say, nothing extraterrestrial.

We designed and built special systems like customized Energy Storage systems. For example: Clinica San Giacomo a Ponte dell'Olio (PC) with a size of 250 Kw loaded in the day (through photovoltaic system) and used in the night.

Whenever a client has a specific need, that requires a custom project, we can provide free consultancy to address the need. Some samples of special system:

A system to keep away urban birds (for example pigeons)

Energy storage for specific customer needs

Automatic pumps to keep safe areas under the risk of overflowing

Wind Tower with forced ventilation

Shape variable wind mills

All these examples have been designed and realized by Cascasi Energy.

We also have skills and resources to support writing and registration of a Patent